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Optimist of the Year

District Optimist of the Year

The Nebraska District Optimist of the Year awarded is given to a member who has been identified in his or her club, zone and the district for outstanding service to youth.

Each club is asked to identify a "Club Optimist of the Year" and notify the Lt. Governor of the Zone of that award.

The Lieutenant Governor of each zone then appoints a commitee to select a "Zone Optimist of the Year" from among those nominated by their clubs.

The "Nebraska District Optimist of the Year" is chosen by a committee from those nominated from the zones.

The entire process is done without the name of the candidate being disclosed to the members of the committees at the zone and district levels.

Forms for Nominations for 2019-2020 Optimist of the Year will be posted soon!

Zones will submit their forms to:  
Marge Melroy

(Clubs may use the same form to submit nominations to the Lt. Governor)

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