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2017 - 2018
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A Message from Governor Judith Conway Kluge

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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Slogan: "Be the Light"

Spring has come, and gone, and come, and gone, and come...maybe that is where it derived its name. Spring is a time of new beginnings, of refreshing and starting over. That is exactly what the Nebraska Optimist Clubs are doing. It is time to look at your rosters and see if there are members who need "refreshing?" Are there members who have not attended meetings or projects for several months. Does anyone know why?

Governor's Update

Have they or a family member been ill?  Has that situation changed?  Did the winter weather or busy holiday season prevent them from attending and they are now out of sync?  Has the club changed meeting times, days or locations since they last attended?

Before spring cleaning of the roster, I suggest spring gleaning.*  Contact those members in person, by phone or personal notes (do not assume they are receiving emails) let them know they are missed, offer to pick them up.  It is okay if more than one member contacts them; duplicity is reinforcement of the caring and concern.

When a member's name is deleted and the reason listed is "lackof interest," I wonder "whose?" especially a five, ten or 20 year member.  Are they no longer interested in children of the community?

Are the meetings or projects no longer interesting?  Do they feel no one is interested in their ideas or attendance? 

It is wonderful and necessary to sponsor new members; however keep in mind:

Recruit New Members, Retain the Old, One is Silver, the Other is Gold.

*defined in Webster's Dictionary:  "to collect with patient labor"

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